My leg was crushed by a run away load


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I was involve in an accident that the trailer was unloading an 1800 lbs. pallet and the liftgate was so badly corroded that collapsed and the load wind up crushing my leg that I had to be rushed to the hospital which they had to do a fasciotomy in order to save my leg if not it had to be amputated they also had to put in a rod with screws and six weeks later they also found out that my talus bone was fractured so they had to go back in rebreak the talus because it had started to calcify clean it and put in 2 screws. All together I was not allowed to put any weight on my left leg for 12 weeks. I now have nerve damage which I can't feel any pain in my lower leg and I have also lost range of motion in my left foot, I am no longer able to play any sport go for long walks or bike riding and I have to stave on level ground. Going up and down from stairs is now a task and in case of an emergency and I have to use the stairs I am screwed.