Hit and run by uninsured driver michigan


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I was hit by a young girl who ran a red light nearly flipped my 05 van on its side then she fled ,the car was found a couple blocks away due to oil leak trail,but she had fled on foot,I was dazed head bounced off window chest off wheel and knee off dash but didn't feel I needed medical help at that time was really just in shock,I was scheduled for surgery on an already existing lumbar injury 2 days following accident and after 2 weeks of preops didn't want my surgery post poned so I never went to hospital and never told my surgeon about it until after surgery,I'm now getting frequent headaches and nausea as well as right hip pain and just found out the girl was uninsured as I did file police report after accident I have only comp and liability so not only am I in pain I'm depressed because I have no vehicle and no means of getting another one because I'm disabled living on less then 800 a month,I have constant doctor visits and suppose to do self therapy at gym 3 days a week for previous injury and muscle atrophy but I can't go to any of them I have talked to attorneys and get a run around the car that hit me was registered to someone other then driver who failed to remove her plate at supposed sale but the officer did not include her in my report not will he respond to my calls asking for her information as she is partially liable what do I do