Auto Policy limit property dmg is 10k, my pip limit is 10k


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My vehicle totalled by another person's vehicle. They were at fault, both they and their insurance company accepted full liability. 1st I owed 21k on my vehicle. Their insurance co said because my vehicle dmg is more than 10k, would I be willing to have my insurance. co. Take over responsibility. I asked my in. co. they said they would only pay 16300 less my deductible of 1k so only 15k covered. 2nd,multiple herniated and bulging disks in both cervical and lumbar spine found to be attributed solely from accident based on x-ray and mri imaging. 5 mos of pt only worsening pain, multiple Orthopedics and Orthopedic surgeons suggesting multiple shots for life, burning of numerous nerve endings every 9mos or so, for the rest of my life, and multiple fusing therapy operations in both cervical and lumbar spine areas that only last 5 to 7 years, thereby needing replacement for the rest of my life. Estimates for treatments well over 2/300k dollars. My questions are how can I sue to receive the monies needed for treatment and how can I get money to pay off my vehicle since totall amount is over at faults policy limits? Please help, desperately needing advice and options.