Auto Accident


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I was in a car accident (10-15-19) in NC, The Driver was from VA. I am still seeing Physicians...
I’ve had
• Concussion
• Migraines (previously had, maybe 1 or 2x’s a year if that) increased to 3-4 times a week
• Shoulders-muscular
I have
• Neck (pain/ feeling of unbalanced/dizziness) – when off medication.
• Lower back pain – Re-Injured (I had 2 bulging discs prior) – when off medication.
• Middle of back (Left side) while sitting/while sleeping-sensation in hands, more intense in Left hand – when off medication.
• Sensation/tingling (hands/feet) - Nerve Damage.
• Wrist (Left/Right) – inflammation due to trauma from accident.
• Wrist (Right) – pain when grabbing items (coffee mug, turning lock on door etc.).
• Legs - Achilles Tendon in Right - up into knee.
• Ankles (Left/Right) – inflammation due to trauma from accident.

I am currently on 2 medications, Alieve, PRN Migraine Med, and a Compounding Cream for pain.
I must wear wrist brace to sleep, so the tingling/sensation doesn’t wake me up also I have to wear a Brace on Ankle, when i walk a lot...
I am currently in Physical Therapy for Neck to deal with pain, Right Leg, and right wrist. I am going to Acupuncture to try to help with my legs / wrists / back...

I have consulted an Attorney, they told me to try to settle on my own and if not than file a lawsuit...

Any feedback would greatly be APPRECIATED?